On the 1st of June, InterKontinental invited to celebrate the official the launch of the agency. After a whole year of intensive preparation, it was a great pleasure to present current and future projects to the attending guests. We were glad to receive so much positive feedback and support by the present members of politics, culture and business. Furthermore, we thank those international partners and friends who even travelled to attend.

We especially thank Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana and Dr. Salua Nour, who both agreed to summarize their thoughts on the agency´s work. Both of these authors and academics expressed the need for an initiatives upporting the equal exchange between Africans and Europeans, especially in times where it is possible and popular again to discriminate against people who are suspected to be non-European, non-Western.

Two musical performances led through the evening: Kornelius Kutzner (marimba) and Johanna Schreiber (violin) as well as the South African artist Rebaone Mangope (poetry, spoken word). Throughout the following get-together there was networking and the exchange of ideas possible.

Fotos: Marvin Hönig

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