InterKontinental is the No.1 agency dealing with African literature in German speaking countries. We represent and promote writers from the continent and the diaspora. We act as an intermediary between foreign and domestic publishers. Our service includes professionel event managment, translations, an international network and the design of new literary formats.


For our authors we provide services for booking, travel planning, media management and support for the road to publication. We read and edit manuscripts. We work closely with translators and editors, promote translations and consult in political and inter-cultural questions. We negotiate contracts and support our authors at all times in English, French, Portuguese, Swedish and German.


For publishers, our work is an enormous relief in the search for new talents, in (intercultural) communication as well as in the practical handling of programs and manuscripts. We scout and mediate while taking care of foreign guests as well as handling a large part of the public relations. We are in contact with African publishers, knowing their programs and writers, which we select and promote according to the trends of the German book market.


Our events aim to reach the Africa interested public, but especially those who love books. In our series Elnathan’s #BOAT, widely praised Nigerian author Elnathan John invites authors of color to discuss and explore political and social questions of our times and presents an astounding perspective on African literature. In April 2018, German-Nigerian author Olumide Popoola will curate Berlin’s first book festival celebrating authors from Africa and the diaspora. With the theme ´Writing in Migration´, the festival will explore the political hot topic in a literary sense. We engage in the design of innovative literary formats, always focusing on promoting African perspectives in Germany.




Stefanie Hirsbrunner



Anglophone Literature, translations, rights, event design

Karla Kutzner



Frankophone Literature, event management, editing, translations