InterKontinental e.V. is a non profit and politically independent association based in Berlin.


You can choose between a regular membership and a sustaining membership.

  • The annual membership fee for regular members is 85 € per year.
  • The annual membership fee for sustaining members is 300 € per year. As a sustaining member, you continously support the work and financial basis of the NGO and thus African writers.

If you are interested in a membership, please fill out and sign our membership form (Mitgliedsantragsformular) and return it to us via snail mail or E-mail (

For further information, please contact us directly:

Telefon: +49 (0) 30 58 73 94 61


500 € of your donation support: The training of one author in a creative writing workshop.

1.200 € of your donation support: A 3-month working stipent for one author.

5000 € of your donation support: The creation of a German publication platform for African authors.

IBAN: DE28 2004 1155 0279 8064 00

Or support our current crowdfunding campaign:


We are happy to issue a donation receipt. Please contact us:

Thank you!